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Why hello there, my good sers and ladies! My name is Renly Baratheon, but no need for such formalities - just call me Renly. It's of course an absolute pleasure to make your aquaintance - as long as you aren't my dearest brother I'm sure we'll be the best of friends. Will you help me take my rightful place on the throne of Westeros?
//Indie RP blog for Renly Baratheon from ASOIAF/GOT. Multiverse and multifandom.
a man without friends is a man without power.

~On Semi Hiatus~

//sebby’s the coolest and he’s  prettier than Niall Horan and that’s saying a lot  we should start a religion  too worship sebby and build shrines to him and leave pizza and mountain dew at his door step as an offering

The Assumption Game


How to Play: message me with an assumption that you make about me and I will reply to it with whether it is true or false 

sure why not

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There’s this one roleplayer on your dash you want to RP with since you started following them but you have no idea how to ask them or how your characters could actually interact so you just keep reading their RPs, waiting for an idea to hit your mind or for an opportunity to ask them.


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As you all switch to icon RPing, i’ll be over here all alone, continuing gif RPing.

I can’t believe this is still a thing.

I’m matching my partners’ preferences. And quietly grateful for that much less bandwidth, especially on mobile.

Do what you like, RP for the fucking WORDS.

» if I’m feeling icons I’ll use icons
» if I’m feeling gifs I’ll use gifs
» I really don’t care which one you use if anything at all tbh it’ll be fine